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You Can Do It Without Chasing Your Friends, Family or Neighbors, Delivering Products, Putting Out Flyers, or Ever Doing Another 1-On-1 Presentation... NOT MLM

What is it that really makes Wendy an expert in online marketing?

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I provide the marketing to the people I choose to work with one on one.

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"Our simple but lucritive business model
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I have trained an average of 1 new 6 figure income
earner per week in the fastest growing marketplace today to make immediate profits of $2,000-$3500-$5,000 directly to your bank account consistently

We have partnered with an elite Mastermind of Leadership & Personal Development Coaches, 6 & 7 Figure Earners. If you follow my roadmap and marketing system, you can match my results...or do even better! If you have what it takes and you're just looking for the right horse to ride, then you can write your own ticket. That's the value of working with a mentor and coach who is at the top of their game

Do You Have What It Takes to Evaluate, Choose, and
Succeed In a Home Based Business

From: Wendy Stevens
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I am a multiple 7-figure income online marketer in the United States. I am heading up a leadership team to accommodate an explosion in our business market. What is our business? We bring the three key ingredients together to explode and dominate:

1. Elite online marketing expertise

2. We remove the blockades of expensive start up capital for traditional brick and mortar business and the outrageous franchise fees that are charged for proven business models

3. Nothing to stock, warehouse or pre-purchase.

How did a single mom from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with no business or marketing experience catapult to the top of the direct sales industry as an elite 1% earner in just 7 months?

"It's a fact today, anyone CAN become a MILLIONAIRE - or even a billionaire. In the history of the world, there has never been a better time to create wealth than right here, right now." - Donald Trump

What if you could get some expert help? What if you could learn the wealth building tips, strategies and secrets of a self-made millionaire? What if you could learn directly from someone who went from broke to millionaire in less than 30 months?

You can...the choice is yours.

Work with One of the Top Producers in Internet Marketing & Home Business

Wendy Stevens training 1700 people

Dallas, Texas

For the last six years as a 7 Figure Marketer I have been assisting people to become successful entrepreneurs. I have trained doctors, lawyers, teachers, truck drivers, nurses, stay at home mums, CEOs, corporate executives, etc., to leverage themselves out of their current circumstances and into a powerful income and time freedom. There is no better time than now. Here's why.

  • We are in the deepest recession since the 1920's depression
  • The number of people who have been downsized, out sourced, and pink slipped has gone through the roof. This drives up the number of people seeking to be home based online entrepreneurs.
  • We are the largest most lucrative repeat consumable marketplace in the world and growing...


There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick business. However, all business is supply and demand. There is pent up demand for economic freedom in our current economy. We have built our business on the cornerstone of an internationally recognized name brand. This is the first and only time that this product and business is being launched on the internet. We are searching for a few key entrepreneurs. Even as we automate parts of our business, we cannot automate leadership. You can have the greatest company or product in the world, but if you can't market it effectively, no real wealth is generated. However, when that ace finds the right horse to ride, the transition from a paycheck to profits with a proven system is a smooth one. In addition a turn key marketing system with no requirements to stock, warehouse, or pre-purchase anything allows someone with no business or marketing experience to triple their income in 6 to 12 months. Are your ready to find a real opportunity that will finally pay you what you are worth and the right mentor to lead the way?

Right now myself and an elite group of online entrepreneurs are heading up a leadership team to identify a few key motivated, driven aces to lay the foundation in order to manage the explosion of our ground floor opportunity. We are currently in North America, and spilling over quickly into Mexico and Canada. We have over 50 countries on the horizon within the next 5 years, driven by a laptop and cellphone that is fueled by the most widely recognized brand in the world. We ONLY partner with serious entrepreneurs who believe they are CHAMPIONS looking for the right opportunity. We have the experience, the system, and the results to assist you in achieving the results you are looking for.

Here are some of the people I've helped:

Norm Johnson, Top 10 All Time in NFL for Scoring, Super Bowl with Steelers, All Pro Kicker.
After playing 18 years in the NFL I still wasn't set up for full retirement. I played in an era where we made good money, but not enough to retire at a very young age. Add to that the stock market going through its cycles, I realized my retirement had been almost wiped out by the stock market. I jumped into real estate, it was good for a while until the bottom dropped out of the market yet again. Even while things were good in real estate, I knew it just wasn't my calling. In real estate, you are owned by your clients. I was very busy; but being busy didn't translate to making any real money. I wanted to work from home 100% and be in control of my own time and income. Even early in my NFL career. While I was playing, I tried a few MLMs. I loved the concept and was very intrigued with the idea of residual income. I was mildly successful but never had the success I had always wanted. I met Wendy and found that SHE was my missing link to great success and making major money.Since meeting and working with her one on one, I have left MLM behind me...no more chasing friends and family. I have tripled my income and learned so much about making money online while keeping up with the trends on the internet. My home business, bank account, and life has been transformed. I am so grateful for her and I consider her one of the GREATEST Coaches I have ever worked with and I've worked with some legendary NFL Coaches.She has a BIG heart and she is willing to help anyone that has a thirst to learn. .

Storm Caley
Hi, I'm Storm from the Seattle, Washington area. I was what you would call "successful" in sales during the fruitful Dot Com years. That success took me away from my family. I was on the road 5 days a week. I missed out on home and family.

I discovered network marketing so I could work from "home". I made it to the top of the company in a few short years. I won all the company trips but didn't even have TIME to take them. I found myself AGAIN missing out on life and away from home most of the time. This so called "home business" did not mean I was home. I was miserable.

I was determined to find a business I could actually do from home without all the junk involved with an MLM.I had no idea how I was going to do it until I met Wendy Stevens. Wendy had the SYSTEM I needed to be able to build my business from home. All I had to do was plug into her online, weekly coaching calls and follow the steps. My life turned around on a dime. Now I can truthfully say "I work from home" while I have Wendy's system working for me. I don't have to miss out on life. I am so happy!

Bill, CEO of Banking Company
After spending years in the corporate world as a CEO of a Banking Company and a partner in several business ventures, I found myself at 62, too young and active to retire. I also wanted to grow financially.

This is a perfect fit for me because it provides me with the opportunity to strengthen my financial position while giving me the freedom to travel with my wife, play some golf and enjoy my 5 grandchildren. It also allows me to stay active in the business world and continue to learn and grow as a person.

Isaac, former Franchise Owner
When I found this opportunity I was a "sick and tired" Quiznos Sub franchisee. I bought the Quiznos franchise for over $250,000 and couple of years later I realized I bought myself a 7 day, 80 hour a week J.O.B. I was working hard but going nowhere!

When I found this opportunity I knew I was given a present. I got started immediately, I plugged into the simple "Simon says" system and within a short time I completely replaced my income and got out of the franchise.

Now I work from home 20-25 hours a week, my relationship with my wife and 5 year old daughter is blooming and oh, BTW, I have more than quadrupled my previous annual income.

Mike & Kris, Business Owners
I have been in the business arena for more than 25 years, from owning a Family Entertainment Centers with 50 limited partners, to in home businesses, to MLM's. This business has something to offer that none of those did - unlimited income potential in less than a 40 hour work week, on your pace, your time frame - where success is a choice, even the level of success is a choice.

When you get a hold of something as good as this with the Mentoring from Top Leaders & Income earners, you just want to share it with everyone you can so they may be blessed, not only financially, but in many areas of there lives. Thank You so much, Wendy. We're both glad we met you!

Erik, Corporate Sales
Hello, my name is Erik I came from a loving family where my parents worked 60-70+ hours per week(including weekends).

Growing up I saw my parents trading time for money. I remember going days without seeing my dad. Needless to say, I didn't know my father growing up.

Then one Friday I remember him coming home early, he had lost his job of 12 years.

I vowed never to trade my life for money chasing someone else's dream. I finished a BS Degree and several internships but stuck with my vows. I followed my passions and worked for the Colorado ski industry. Although I had fun I had this burning desire be, do, and see more.

Now I am creating a the Life of my dreams. I have learned business isn't about wearing suits or pleasing others. It's about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials.

What you think about you bring about and when I have children, they WILL know their father.

Thanks Wendy for showing me a way to get what I deserve out of life. Cheers!

JamesBetsyJames & Betsy, San Diego

I was formerly in the real estate industry and even though I made a good income I found myself having to work more hours to make less year after year. I also never had any real control of my time, I was constantly working nights, weekends and holidays in order to accommodate my clients.  Now we get to utilize a hybrid compensation model with incredible leverage and are working with some of the top Internet marketers in the country. We are now making more money with less hours and are so grateful for Wendy's leadership and vision. She is always on the cutting edge when it comes to online marketing, and her expertise has helped us to regain control of our lives personally, professionally, and financially.

JamesBetsyAdrian Loepp

After spending many years in corporate America doing website development and SEO with companies like Boeing and Weyerhaeuser I decided to go in business for myself. Though good fortunes, I became acquainted with Wendy Stevens and was able to position myself to be coached by her. The system she taught me, the techniques that she shared with me in using Social Media Marketing, and Video marketing not only put me miles ahead of my competition but literally shaved years off the learning curve that it would have taken me to figure it out on my own. Wendy Stevens has been a major part of my success, replacing my income in 1/2 the time it took with my normal schedule. I'm well on my way to doubling my income,and anybody else that might be lucky enough to work with her will be truly blessed by her coaching, mentoring,knowledge, leadership and skill sets to make more cash in this economy.

7 Figure Freedom Administration


Why did Google pay $1.65 Billion for YouTube?
Because Google understands emerging trends of the internet market place..
how can you benefit from that?

The next level of wealth is exploding off the Internet...are you being left behind?

The Major Search Engines

Thousands of people are making millions on the Internet.
It's where the world goes to shop, buy, sell and browse. During the next year, $350 Billion dollars will have exchanged hands on the internet for goods and services.

How big a piece of that pie did you take home to your family last year?

To have a profitable business you must have a product or service that is in demand in the marketplace. We have a proven system in place to help you succeed in growing your business by attracting serious prospects.

"3% Of Americans Are Millionaires.
The Other 97% Work To Make Them Even Richer...."

Tired Of Hanging Around With The 97%? Ready To Join The 3%?

I am on a mission to find just the right ace to
work with one on one...

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I don't need to give you a bunch of hype, or pie in the sky promises that will end up leaving you disappointed. Your future is now determined by your ability to achieve true financial security for you and your family.

PS: You may be wondering how I have the time to work with everyone? I don't.

If you notice, I'm not jumping up and down telling you how much you can make or how much I've made. Why? I partner exclusively with serious, motivated, intelligent ENTREPRENEURS ready to build a lucrative business, not morons looking for a lottery ticket.

Many people contact me to learn more about what I do. There's a mix of curious, inquisitive, skeptical, serious and some people words just can't even begin to describe. I sort through most people I speak with and choose to work only with people who are serious, motivated and committed to their own success.

If you are a self-proclaimed skeptic, DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS SITE. I am not here to convince you of anything you can't convince yourself of. If you don't believe you are worth or capable of this lifestyle, then yes, ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE (for you).

My results don't guarantee your own. Yes, we have a simple system but it requires focus and commitment to achieve results.

Anyone can do this business and be successful - but its a choice. I choose to be an Entrepreneur and to be Successful - millions of people do not make this choice.

If you are serious about owning your own business and achieving financial and time freedom, contact me and we'll discuss the possibilites. If you're looking for a lottery ticket, do us both a favor and answer someone else's ad.